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Karcher Dry Ice Blaster IB 15/120 (110V)

Stock Code: 15741050

The Karcher IB 15/120 can blast up to 120kg of dry ice pellets per hour, at up to 16 bar. This makes it ideal for just about any ice blasting job, thanks to its variable pressure and flow controls. Kärcher’s dry ice blasting technology is a non aggressive but thorough method of cleaning tools, moulds, surfaces and machines with a minimum of downtime. The dry ice pellets are injected into a jet of compressed air, accelerated to speeds in excess of 150 m/s and the fired at the surface to be cleaned. The abrupt cooling of the surface causes a thermal shock and produces fine cracks in the top layer. The dry ice penetrates these cracks, lift the contaminant from the surface and return to the atmosphere as CO gas leaving only the contaminant behind. Ice blasting uses no chemicals, leaves no wastewater, is environmentally friendly and can be used in areas where cleaning with water is prohibited or inconvenient.

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