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Paper & Wiping

Quality and Affordable Paper & Wiping Products for Optimal Cleanliness and Comfort

Our extensive range of paper and wiping products encompasses everything from basic hygiene to specialised cleaning needs. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and efficiency, our selection ensures you find exactly what you need for any setting or application.

Explore Our Wide Range of Paper and Wiping Solutions

Toilet Paper: Soft, Strong, and Sustainable

Choose from a variety of toilet paper options, including eco-friendly, ultra-soft, cheap toilet roll, and bulk packs, designed for comfort and durability.

Hand Towels & Rolls: Efficient and Hygienic Drying Solutions

Our hand towels and rolls are perfect for high-traffic environments, offering superior absorbency and hygiene.

Centrefeed Rolls: Versatile Cleaning for Any Task

Discover the convenience of quality blue roll and white roll for easy dispensing and effective cleaning in commercial and industrial settings.

Wiper Rolls & Wipes: Tough on Mess, Gentle on Surfaces

From heavy-duty wiper rolls for forecourts and garages to gentle wipes, find the right product for every cleaning challenge.

Facial Tissues: Softness and Care for Sensitive Skin

Our facial tissues are designed for gentle use, combining softness with strength for everyday comfort.

Hygiene Rolls & Wipes: Essential for Health and Safety

Keep environments safe and clean with our hygiene rolls and wipes, ideal for medical, food service, and educational facilities.

Kitchen Towels: The Ultimate Helper in Any Kitchen

Highly absorbent and durable, our kitchen towels tackle spills and messes with ease, making cleanup a breeze.

Napkins: Elegance and Functionality for Any Occasion

Elevate your dining experience with our range of napkins, available in various styles and colours to suit any décor.

Dusters, Cloths & Towels: The Backbone of Any Cleaning Arsenal

From dusting to polishing, our selection of dusters, microfibre cloths, and towels are designed for effective cleaning and lasting use.

Rags: Durable and Absorbent for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Our rags are the go-to choice for tackling tough jobs, offering exceptional durability and absorbency.

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