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Create a Cleaner Business
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About Us

About Us

Helping you create a cleaner business.

For over 30 years Dispo Products has been helping customers create cleaner, greener, and safer businesses for their employees and customers.

How do we do it?

Dispo Products follows 3 key principles when recommending products and promoting better cleaning & hygiene practices.

1. Achieve Hygiene Standards:

A clear mission to achieve industry specific cleaning and hygiene standards. Whether you must achieve food hygiene standards or prevent hazardous dust through manufacturing processes; we will recommend and provide products to achieve hygiene standards and promote a safe working environment.

2. Improve Perceptions:

Create positive perceptions, of your business, within both employees and customers. From the moment an employee or customer enters your business premises, or sees your vehicle on the road, they will develop conscious and unconscious perceptions and beliefs of your company. A dirty or unkept business will inherently bring a negative affect to employee performance and customer perceptions.

3. Promote Asset Maintenance:

Extend the lifespan of company assets and maintain top performance. Whether it is steam cleaning production equipment, pressure washing company vehicles, or creating a cleaning schedule to keep your building and office spaces clean; one easy and affordable way to look after your physical assets is to keep them clean.

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